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2024 Every Voice, Every Vote: Civic Engagement Campaign

Beth El Hebrew Congregation In partnership with 
The Religious Action Center and the
Center for Common Ground


On November 5 the American people will have the chance to shape the future of our nation by participating in the 2024 election. The right to vote that we cherish as American citizens calls on each of us to take part in the democratic process, whether by voting on Election Day or casting an absentee ballot beforehand. 

Unfortunately, too many Americans are denied the right to choose leaders who reflect their beliefs or represent their communities because of systemic efforts to suppress their ability to vote. The reality offends America’s democratic principles and our values as a Jewish community. 

This year, Beth El Hebrew Congregation in Alexandria, Virginia is proud to join in sacred partnership with the Center for Common Ground and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in a campaign to put our Jewish values in action to help those whose votes are suppressed and whose voices are silenced. 

Our 2024 Every Voice, Every Vote: Civic Engagement Campaign, is a non-partisan, 501c(3)-compliant voter engagement effort built around the principle that everyone who is eligible to vote in our nation should be able to cast a ballot and have their vote counted.

We invite you to join us in this holy work.

Thank you for your interest in the Beth El Every Vote, Every Voice campaign.  There is a role for everyone, of every age, in this sacred and critical work.  You will be sent details on upcoming ways to be involved.




     The JCRC of Greater Washington is the chief government advocate and community relations resource for our Jewish community. We partner with local and state organizations in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC to reach out to government officials to advance the legislative agenda of our community in the Greater Washington area. Our Israel Action Center educates and trains community members to become confident, informed advocates for a secure, democratic Israel and a strong US-Israel relationship.

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784