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A very important aspect of Shabbat is community. The community gathers for worship each Shabbat, reaffirming our covenantal tie to God and to one another. Beth El has Sabbath service on Friday evening and Saturday morning. The service consists of prayers and readings in Hebrew and English, songs, a Torah reading, and a D'var Torah (talk or sermon).

One of the things that makes this day so special is that we eat so well. Many people have a special meal following the morning service and another smaller meal (seudah shelishsit) before sunset.

…on Friday Evenings...

Bring your enthusiasm and openness, and be ready to give voice in hearty prayerful song at our Friday evening worship in which we welcome the day designated for rest of our bodies and renewal of our souls. These participatory Friday evening services, usually accompanied by piano and featuring a brief d'var Torah or "word of Torah," employ Mishkan T'filah, the prayerbook of the Reform movement. 

Before Friday evening services, we have a Shabbat Wine and Cheese Social Hour. After Shabbat evening services there is an Oneg Shabbat (joy of the Sabbath) at which refreshments are served and there is an opportunity to socialize.

…and Shabbat Mornings

Every Shabbat morning (Saturday) at 10:30 a.m. in the main sanctuary, one can expect spirited traditional davenning (chanted prayer mostly in Hebrew). If you have a skill such as the ability to chant the Haftarah, read from the Torah, deliver a d’var Torah, or lead a section of the service, we would be happy to have your participation. 

Following Shabbat morning services, there is a Kiddush in the synagogue. After the blessings over the wine and the bread, people exchange Shabbat greetings. Student Services...

The Religious School sponsors a monthly Family Service led by our clergy for students in K through 3.  There is a monthly Junior Congregation let by clergy and students for grades 4 through 7. These are usually preceded by a potluck Shabbat family dinner.  

Students in grades 4-7 also assist clergy with leading Shabbat services for the entire congregation on select Friday nights throughout the year.

...and Tot Shabbat

Tot Shabbat is a fun and song-filled service directed towards children from birth to 2nd grade and led by Early Childhood Music Specialist Carol Boyd Leon. Tot Shabbat is usually twice a month and often has a theme, such as the Apples and Honey Tot Shabbat around the High Holidays or the Passover Tot Shabbat with a Haggadah written by Carol Boyd Leon just for small children.

Like Erev Shabbat Services which have a post-service oneg, immediately following the Tot Shabbat service is an oneg sponsored by parent volunteers. Please check our calendar for the next Tot Shabbat service!

Other Services

B'nei Mitzvah: During the course of a Jewish year, there may be 15-20 Bar and Bat Mitzvah students who will mark their new status through participation in the Shabbat worship. These students will typically chant the Haftarah, read a section of Torah, offer the d'var Torah, and possibly lead some of the davening. The families of the B'nei Mitzvah will be happy to include any and all worshippers in their simcha. That is, Shabbat worship at Beth El is always open to all, whether or not a Bar or Bat Mitzvah will be called to the Torah that week.

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