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Meet Synagogue President, Dorrit Lowsen

Dorrit Lowsen is Jewish by birth, but more importantly, she's Jewish by choice. She was raised in a secular, non-practicing household, but found her belonging first at Kehillat Beijing and then here at Beth El Hebrew Congregation. Currently, Dorrit's day job is Co-CEO of Change Finance, an investment company she helped found in 2016, with the goal of creating ethical investment products intended to help shift the world's largest corporations toward practices that are better for people and planet. Dorrit first joined Beth El in 2012 and returned at the beginning of 2016 after a brief stint overseas where she served at the US Embassy in Beijing, China. At Beth El, she is a Religious School parent, served on both the recent Education Director and Executive Director Search Committees as well as the Mission, Vision, Values Task Force, and has served on the Board of the WRJ, as a Trustee of the Permanent Endowment Fund, and as both Secretary and Executive Vice President of the Congregation. Dorrit lives with her husband, Ben (5th Grade Judaics teacher), and son, in the Beverley Hills neighborhood of Alexandria.

2023-2024 Officers

Dorrit Lowsen, President
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Naomi Mercer, Executive Vice President

Adam Zissman, Vice President
Jesse Reisman, Vice Presidents
Carly Rubenstein, Treasurer
Jill Levin-Spivey, Secretary

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Officers and Staff

David Spinrad, Senior Rabbi
Jason Kaufman, Cantor
Brett Isserow, Rabbi Emeritus
Elizabeth Bayer, Executive Director
Dan Swartz, Director of Education
Dorrit Lowsen, President
Naomi Mercer, Executive Vice President
Adam Zissman, VP
Jesse Reisman, VP
Jill Levin-Spivey, Secretary
Carly Rubenstein, Treasurer

Board Members

Dan Bernstein, 1st Term
Michael Bluestein, representing PEF
Todd Bolick, 2nd Term
Ariel Cetrone, 1st Term
Alan Cohn, Immediate Past President

Judy Jankowski, 2nd Term
Ellen Kovar, 2nd Term
Deborah Lerner, 1st Term
Lauren Miller-Kipfer, 1st Term
Matt Mutterperl, also representing Brotherhood
Lauren Rubin, 2nd Term
Clair Sassin, 2nd Term
Jeanette Astrow and Joanne Rhodes, representing WRJ
Stacy Weiner, 2nd Term

Living Past Presidents*

Evan Allen
Gary Avakian
Julienne Bramesco
Alan Cohn, Immediate Past President
Ellen Feldstein
Joyce Gordon
Marsha Hertzberg
John Jankowski
Jay Lucas
Linda Waller
*who are still Beth El members

We encourage anyone with any suggestion or concern to contact any member of the Board to have it raised at a Board meeting.  In addition, the first fifteen minutes of every Board meeting are open time for any member to speak to the Board.

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784