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General Funds

Beth El General Fund - Unrestricted donations that may be used to provide or enhance any Beth El program or service.
Beth El Mortgage Fund - Invest in our Beth El Home and help pay off the renovation mortgage.
Permanent Endowment Fund - The purpose of the Beth El Permanent Endowment Fund (PEF) is to support the activities of Beth El Hebrew Congregation and to perpetuate the Jewish life of its congregants now and into the future Click here for more information.

Dedication  Donations

Memorial Board Plaque - Members may purchase a plaque in memory of a loved one, to be mounted in our Meditation Room near the Sanctuary.
Simcha Tree of Life - Leaves on this decorative tree may be dedicated in honor of any simcha.

Discretionary Funds

Cantor's Good Deed Fund - Used at the Cantor's discretion to support congregants or congregational programs
Rabbi's Good Deed Fund - Used at the Rabbi's discretion to support congregants or congregational programs
Rabbi Emeritus's Good Deed Fund - Used at the Emeritus Rabbi's discretion to support congregants or congregational programs
Religious School Fund - Used at the Director of Religious Education's discretion to enhance the activities of the Religious School.
Chapel in the Woods: Funds to maintain and improve  the Chapel in the Woods, such as the building of an outdoor ark, additional seating, etc.

Directed Funds

Arnold G. Fink Library and Learning Center Fund - Acquires materials for the library, archives and Lifelong Learning Center.
Holocaust Memorial Fund - Maintains our Holocaust Memorial Garden.
Ina Lerner Israel Fund - Helps Congregants afford their first trip to Israel
Jack Klein Memorial Genealogy Library - Acquires and maintains genealogy materials for our library.
Marc Ross Scholarship Fund - Awards one scholarship per year to a graduating high school senior who is a member of Beth El and who has contributed exemplary service to Beth El and/or the greater Jewish community.
Prayer Book Fund - Prayer books used in our Shabbat, festival and High Holy Day services are purchased from this fund, as needed.
Rabbi Brett Isserow Play Space Fund - Established to build and maintain a new, interactive playground for the children of Beth El and students of the JCC-Beth El Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) in honor of Emeritus Rabbi Isserow.
Richard Fakoury Music Fund - Used to further music at Beth El as determined by the cantor.
Sharon Steinberg Inclusion Fund - Ensures ways to welcome people with disabilities or other special needs.
Shapiro Religious School Scholarship Fund - Used to offset costs for children who need financial assistance in order to attend religious school or participate in its activities.
Social Action Fund - Supports the activities and goals of the Social Action Committee and promotes activities that help Beth El engage in "tikkun olam."
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