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As we wrestle with the realities that continue to unfold before us each day, we hold tight to the belief that each and every life is sacred. As Jews, we are committed to the halachic value of Pikuach Nefesh (the preservation of human life).

As a congregation, we want to channel our emotions and our longing to help our people into a meaningful and lasting project. By purchasing an ambulance for Magen David Adom, we are supporting a critical need at this challenging time and serving people for years to come. Magen David Adom comes to the aid of all people, regardless of religion or race. As the only emergency responders in Israel, they are called in the aftermath of an attack as well as the more “usual” health emergencies. So, while we pray for peaceful days ahead, there will always be a need for a life-saving fleet.


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Additional ways to support

Employer Matching:

  • Please check with your employer to see if they will match charitable contributions
  • Even if you already used your employer match for the year, some companies have made a special exception given the crisis, so please check again!
  • If your employer will not match a donation made through ShulCloud, you can make the donation through Magen David Adom and it can count towards our campaign. Please contact us for more information, Dan Swartz ( or Rabbi Spinrad (

Share with friends and family:
There are more ways to help! Please spread the word to your friends and family. Suggested Social Post and Images:

  • Social Post #1: Scrolling for some good news? You can be the good news! Contribute to an ambulance for Magen David Adom today. Go to
  • Social Post #2: Looking for a way to help Israel? My synagogue is raising money to purchase an ambulance for Magen David Adom. Donate at


Sun, December 3 2023 20 Kislev 5784