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To Honor a Loved One

When one of our loved ones is taken from us, we look for ways to assure that his/her name will be remembered as a very special person. At Beth El, we hope you will feel comfort and support from your membership in our congregation when such an event has occurred.

Each of our members is important; when one experiences a loss, we hope to be able to console the living, to help cherished memories become blessings to us all. It is certain that the memories of a loved one will be kept alive in one's own heart; those same memories can also be kept alive within the temple community.

Holocaust Memorial Garden sculpture of faces in stoneAt Beth El, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to memorialize, in perpetuity, the memory of a loved one by choosing to have a memorial plaque to be mounted in our Memorial Hall Meditation Room near the Sanctuary. The plaque will be prepared to include the name and date of death and will be installed with an accompanying memorial light.

Anyone who avails him/herself of this opportunity will be reminded each year of this gift when the plaque is illuminated in observance of Yahrzeit on the Sabbath of the week during which the anniversary occurs. All of us, as a congregation, will also be reminded of this event as we see the illuminated memorial on the days that your loved one's name is recited from the pulpit before our Kaddish prayer. It is important to note that the memory of the departed will remain a part of the synagogue forever, regardless of the donor's membership status.

Beth El stands ready to act on anyone's wishes whenever someone is prepared to make such a decision. The cost for this eternal presence is $600. Please do not hesitate to call the office, 703 370 9400, to receive further details about this special opportunity to keep alive our most sacred memories.

Photograph above: sculpture from Beth El Holocaust Memorial Garden

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